Small Parcel Services

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Solistics, an affiliate company of Express Logistics, authorized DHL marketing partner.

We have been working with Solistics for the past 6 years and can’t say enough good things about them. They are professional, courteous, prompt and efficient. Over the past 6 years we have had only 3 shipments that had problems and all were resolved immediately. We have saved over 25% in transportation costs for LTL shipments annually and are completely satisfied with the service Solistics has provided.

“I use their website almost daily to schedule my shipments by carrier/cost and have never been disappointed. It’s so easy. I can schedule a large shipment in less than 5 minutes and know that the shipment will be taken care of without fail.

“Solistics issued logons to our suppliers to enable them to schedule their own shipments to us, saving everyone time and money.

“The entire staff is a great pleasure to work with, and I would recommend Solistics to anyone that needs to save time and lower expenses for LTL shipments (this is what we use Solistics for) and for worry free scheduling.

— Karen Dietz, Supply Chain Specialist, ADP

Solistics offers discounted domestic and international rates for small package and document shipping. These special rates are typically reserved for large corporations, but qualifying Solistics customers can take advantage of them.

Services include:

  • Overnight Morning
  • Overnight Afternoon
  • Second Day
  • Three Day
  • Ground
  • International Priority Exports & Imports
  • International Economy Exports & Imports

We’ve made special agreements with select partners to make it happen, and we’re authorized to provide value-added account management services on top of that. Each Solistics customer is assigned to a personalized account manager who takes care of all the details and makes sure your needs are met.